What can i say about myself..

- Im a shopaholic. I shop especially im stressed out and i AM VERY STRESSED at work, so u can imagine the amount of shopping i do..

- i buy stuff eventhough i know i wont wear/use them, i'm a collector i may say..

- Even when i dun have the dosh to shop, i can just buy a hairclip to satisfy my addiction..

- I must buy a pair of shoes and or a handbag anywhere and everywhere i go!

So, I'M GUILTY AS CHARGED! I am undeniably a shopaholic and i cant stop !!!!

So here i am, just having fun, sharing stuff with fellow fashionistas (that's nearly the whole women population) and conjuring up a new hobby since i have an abudance of time due to my near zero social life!
See you in my upcoming entries!